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Defenders (Alternate Hellcat Squadran)Edit

In the Advent-Verse's 2023, IceBite was killed by GDI Zone Troopers, who also killed Tory, Revaer, and most of Zeta Wing, while wounding Selen and May. However, Natalia, whose powers have fully developed by then, revealed her secret and saved the remaining members of Hellcat Squadran, as well as Hellcat Squadran's allies. Natalia got together Adriana, Selen, May, Ashelia, Penelo, Lightning, and Serah, and, with them, began to organize a resistance movement against GDI, now the CI. They used tech from the relic starship named the Psionic. Soon, they formed the Defenders and began their campaign to defeat the Conquerer's Initiative. They were forced to redouble their efforts when the Phase Neoscions arrived in the Milky Way Galaxy and began attacking both. They primarilly use Energy Weapons and technology that boosts their supernatural capabilities. Natalia takes the DDS Psionic as her flagship, while Ashelia, leader of the Defenders' military, takes the Battleship DDS Reliance.

Around 2025, the Defenders' main fleet was ambushed by the CI Battleship Destructor, whose fleet consisted of over 50 Flak Frigates and 20 Battlecruisers. During the ensuing battle, multiple command staff, including May and Selen, were injured in the attack. Finally, Zack, one of the last surviving members of Zeta Wing (other than Selen), hijacked a bomber with a Nuclear Warhead. He fought his way through the enemy flak cover, and, even with his fighter critically damaged, he managed to ram the enemy vessel. The resulting explosion severed the ship in half. As the escaping Defenders ships entered Slipspace, the last thing Selen saw of Zack was the Destructor's reactor going critical and exploding.

Conquerer's Initiative (Alternate GDI)Edit

The Conquerer's Initiative was originally the Global Defense Initiative, until Direnctor Vincent Davenport betrayed the Coalition forces, killing IceBite with specially-equipped Zone Troopers, and using normal ones to hunt down the rest of the Coalition's Leadership. Unfortunately, the Zone Troopers sent to kill Natalia, despite their superior armament even to IceBite's killers, were still defeated, and Natalia continued to be a thorn in Davenport's side, defeating the Zone Troopers sent to kill Hellcat Squadran, Dalmascan, Covenant Separatist, and (later) Crogenitor Forces.

They soon became known as the Conquerer's Initiative, a name originally used as a derogatory term by the Defenders, but eventually adopted by the CI themselves. The CI's only focus was to kill off the Defenders, at least until the arrival of the Phase Neoscions.

Phase NeoscionsEdit