Ariana Llehctim, Unimatrix 33, Rogue Element 1
Vital statistics
Affiliation Hellcat Squadran (Formerly), Ariana's Borg Collective
Position Central Mind
Date of Birth January 12, 2274
Gender Female
Physical Abilities Martial Arts (limited by implants)
Psychological Abilities Total Control of her Collective
Supernatural Abilities Electrical Elemental Powers
Being Power Tier Level 5
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Species Partial-Borg (Full Human Formerly)
Height 5' 7"
Weight 117 lbs (150 lbs with Borg Implants)
Hair Color silver (Auburn with silver streaks prior to assimilation)
Eye Color aqua blue
Psychological attributes
Alignment Lawful Good

This version of Ariana Llehctim is the version from the Assimi-Verse.

Ariana Llehctim was the daughter of Leinad Llehctim and May Vera-Llehctim. In 2296, she was captured by the Borg, who attempted to assimilate her. However, her will was able to overcome the Borg who assimilated her, and by the time the Collective could sever their link with her, she'd taken over a good portion of the ship she was onboard.

Over time, her new Collective took over small portions of the Borg Collective, including assimilating her former flagship, the USS Stalwart, from the Borg Collective, until she took over a Borg Nexus, allowing her to spread her influence to the point where she was deemed a serious threat to the Borg Collective.

Due to how soon after her 'assimilation' she began resisting the Borg Collective, Ariana retains most of her original physical features (IE: Hair, partial skin color, eye color), however still has some Borg implants (IE: left Eye implant).