Kr'akkus of Borg
Elite Tactical Assimilated Gorn
Vital statistics
Aliases/Callsigns Kr'akkus of Borg, Kr'akkus
Affiliation Borg Collective (Formerly), Ariana's Borg Collective
Position Military Mind
Date of Birth
Gender Unknown
Physical Abilities Brute Strength
Psychological Abilities Tactical Planning Capability
Supernatural Abilities N/A
Being Power Tier Level 2
Equipment Integrated Plasma Cannon, Integrated Shields, Integrated Armor
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Species Borg (Gorn Formerly)
Height 10'
Weight 575 lbs
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color black
Psychological attributes
Alignment Neutral Good

Kr'akkus of Borg is the designation given to a former Borg Elite Tactical Drone, by Ariana Llehctim, when she assimilated the drone into her splinter collective.

Little is known about Kr'akkus's former life, other than he was a Gorn captain on the Klingon Resistance Qu'Daj class vessel, IKS Leviathan. Both the Leviathan and Kr'akkus were assimilated by the Borg Collective, before Kr'akkus was assimilated again, by Ariana Llehctim herself.