TCS Olympus
Mothership Zeta (vehicle)
Production Information
Manufacturer Zeta Aliens
Class Retrofitted Zeta class Mothership
Type Mothership
Commissioned By Faction
  • Zeta Aliens - Unknown
  • TSC - 2345
Destroyed N/A
Technical specifications
Power System/Reactor Matter-Antimatter Core
Propulsion System Gravitic Drive
Faster-Than-Light Drive Slipstream Drive
Shielding "Alien" Resilient Shields
Hull Tritanium Plating
Sensor Systems Gravitic Sensors
Armaments Various
  • Ionic Fusion Beam "Death Rays" (2)
  • BGreen Beams (6)
  • HL-7A Subach Quad-Batteries (100)
  • GTM-4a Tornado Missile Launchers (50)
  • Phaser Arrays
Complement 45000000 tons
Length 7 km
Width 7 km
Height 3 km
Commanding Officer Grand Admiral Vinh Hunter
Role Command Ship
Affiliation Zeta Aliens (Formerly), Terran Starship Command

The TSC Olympus is the flagship of the Terran Starship Command, originally a starship of the Zeta Aliens, the identifier for an alien race that planned to invade Earth/Falotis after the world was abandoned by the galaxy. However, when they kidnapped Vinh, girlfriend of former GTVA pilot Gideon "Alpha 1" Hunter, former squadron leader of the 70th Blue Lions, Gideon, with the help of the Capital Wasteland Brotherhood of Steel, as well as some rogue Enclave members, repaired his old GTF Erinyes and, with them, led an assault on the alien mothership.

The attack would prove successful, since, by then, Vinh had already managed to, with some help, break out and started reaking havoc on the ship. Eventually, they managed to conquer the ship, and, began rebuilding it into an orbital command station, then repair it back to full operational condition. Furthermore, the ship was modified with GTVA, Army of Light, and Coalition tech.